Choice Medical Group and Choice Physicians Network believes that it is imperative for women to be healthy as they play a very vital role in maintaining the health of their family and the community as well.

Women manage to do daily chores, reach professional goals, socialize, but what you mostly ignore is your health. Stop taking your health for granted as it might cause serious far-reaching consequences.

Each year almost ten million women suffer from life threatening complications during childbirth and pregnancy causing lifelong disabilities. Half of HIV or AIDS affected patients are women.

That is why we created the Women's Health and Wellness Center. The sooner women take basic health care seriously the better for the society as if this is neglected it might lead to disastrous results.

The basic step for women's healthcare is to eat right, follow a healthy diet chart, retain physical fitness from activities like sports, dance, yoga and meditation. Exercise and right nutritional supplements work wonders for good health.

At the Women's Health Center, patients can receive medical services and participate in healthy educational programs. Just a few of the services offered through this state of the art clinic are:

  • Well-Woman Exams
  • Gardasil Injections
  • Bone Density Screening
  • Healthy Lifestyle Program (Weight management and nutrition)